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Reporting Scores to League Office

September 5, 2019

The winning team (in the case of a tie, the home team) must scan the completed scoresheet and e-mail the attachment to Please read on for full details.

Please submit all scores to the league office by the end of the day that game is played to ensure that they are posted promptly and accurately.

When submitting scores, please list the following in the subject line of the e-mail, and also name the attached file (scanned image or PDF) the same way.

Please Include:

  • The age group year (04, 03, 02, etc.)

  • Division (mite-elite, squirt-tier1, peewee-elite, ect.)

  • Date (i.e. 09-01-2018 for games played September 1, 2018 as an example)

  • Teams involved (IHC@BJT, for example) and score (3-4, listed this way, if the Boston Jr. Terriers defeat the Islanders Hockey Club by a 4-3 score, given this example where the Terriers are the home team).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the Tier I Divisions, please indicate if the division is Black (B), White (W), or Silver (S) in the subject line of your e-mail, if applicable.

All of this will help expedite the process of the scores being posted efficiently and effectively.

The following is a sample e-mail subject line and corresponding file name using the aforementioned information.

E-mail subject line: scoresheet-00-peewee-tier1W-09-01-2017-IHC@BJT-(3-4)
File name format: scoresheet-00-peewee-tier1W-09-01-2017-IHC@BJT-(3-4).pdf

Please keep in mind that score sheets must accurately reflect every player that played in the game. If you are using line up stickers, make sure any missing players or players that are out serving a suspension are crossed out on reported the score sheet.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck this opening weekend!

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